Strength calculation services

Here at Descal Engineering, we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we use the highest standards available when conducting any strength calculations for the client. This is a competence that Descal excels at. These strength calculations are applied according to size, loading standards, and local codes. We can also offer the client some very useful R&D work in strength calculation.


Stress Analysis for Pipes

In our stress analysis for pipes, the software we use is from FEMdata Oy. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are also familiar with CAESAR and CAEPIPE software. In our calculations we use varying kinds of shell and solid elements, as well as our own in-house methods. From the results collected using the FEMdata, we are then able to utilize this information in our strength analysis.

Pressure Equipment Calculation

In the calculation of pressure equipment, we use the OhmTech Visual Vessel Design, VVD program. In addition to the VVD program, our engineers here at Descal have developed a program for very special aspects of pressure equipment.

At Descal we make all our steel structure calculation for industry according to EN, API and ASCE standards. Furthermore, we can give the required calculations for equipment and structures in all major earthquake areas, utilizing all the necessary local codes.  Over the years, Descal has gained considerable experience in steel structure calculation in projects all over the world. For example, Chile, Indonesia, China and Japan.

In Europe we calculate all steel structures according to the Eurocodes, in order to meet the CE marking requirements.

When working in any non-EU country, Descal will always work to the highest possible standards while at the same time implementing all local codes.