Other process industry

Our reference list is wide. In this archive section you can view some of our latest and most significant process industry projects.

2014 Saigon Paper, PM4&PM5, Vietnam

  • Surface Size Preparation and supply systems for PM4 and PM5, layout, construction and piping design

2013 Talvivaara, Sotkamo, Finland

  • Lime storage, elutriation and sieving

JTI-Yelets, Russia

  • Tobacco paper pulp crushing, beating and conveyor system design

1998-2011 Sizing department, glass furnace revisions, and rebuilding of drying furnaces

  • Process and mill engineering, comprising some premilinary and implementation engineering duties, investment projects and maintenance scheduling

2005-2006 Binder department, multisizing line

  • Implemantation together with Teacon Oy

2005 4m felt machine

  • Natural gas pipework
  • Process and piping engineering

1996 Fiberglass sizing preparation

  • Process and mill engineering

1995 Glassfiber furnace 1

  • Natural gas pipework
  • Process and piping engineering

1994 Glassfiber furnace 3

  • Natural gas and combustion air system
  • Basic, process and piping engineering

2009-2011 Strength calculations for radiators, nozzle load analyses


2015 BASF Oy, Hamina Mill, Finland

  • Biocide dosing, process engineering

2009-2010 JUGO, Russia

  • Power plant water handling
  • Mill and piping engineering

2007-2008 Dropeta, Romania

  • Rebuild of water treatment plant
  • Mill and piping engineering

2006-2007 Lakeuden Etappi Oy, Biogas plant, Ilmajoki, Finland

  • Mill and piping engineering

2005 Stora Enso Anjala mill, Anjalankoski, Finland

  • Extension of the effluent treatment plant
  • Mill engineering

2015 Kemira Chemicals Oy, Joutseno Mill

  • Plant engineering, Piping Saturator building (Autocad Plant 3D)

2014-2015 Kemira Chemicals Oy, Joutseno Mill

  • Hypoclorite cooling
  • Hypoclorite storage tanks
  • Loading place of hypoclorite and caustic soda
  • Project management, process engineering, training, start-up

2012 CBVP Batch Plant, Brazil

  • Furnace hopper design

2012 CBVP Batch Plant, Brazil

  • Glass crusher design

2008 Euroglass, Poland

  • Silo design and calculation

2008 Peletico, Cyprus

  • Silo calculation

2007 Fescon, Finland

  • Silo design

2007 Guardian

  • Hopper design and calculation

2006 CMG, USA

  • Silo design

2006-2007 Zhuhai Bostik, China

  • Silo design

2012 Thioglycolic acid measuring, Espoo, Finland

  • Premilinary engineering

2010 RO-watersystem rebuild, Espoo, Finland

  • Preliminary, process and mill engineering

1997-2009 Leca gravel mill, Kuusankoski, Finland

  • Preliminary and implementation engineering duties
  • Process and mill engineering

2015 Porvoo production facilities

  • Design of several small steel and concrete structures

2013 Porvoo production facilities

  • Light mast pile foundation design and concrete definition of the work (Eurocode, Autocad)

2013 Porvoo production facilities

  • Tubular bridge steel structure design (Tekla Structures)

2013 Porvoo production facilities

  • Pipe Bridge widening foundation design (Eurocode, Tekla Structures, Autocad)

2006-2010 Steel structure design, stress analyses for pipes and strength calculation for several projects


2006-2007 Neste Oil Biodiesel 1 and 2 projects

  • Stress analyses for pipes 

2001-2002 Nickel preparation line

  • Energy analysis

1993-1996 OKHA –project

  • Nickel subproject
  • Process engineering duties for energy systems, start-up, training

2009-2011 Botlek Tank Terminal, Rotterdam, Holland

  • 31 tanks, piping, steel structures and process engineering

2008 Storage tank engineering for several projects

2007-2013 Kantvik, Kirkkonummi, Finland

  • Layout, construction engineering, steel construction engineering and piping design, maintenance of the investment

2006-2007 Kantvik, Kirkkonummi, Finland, liquid sugar dissolution line rebuild

  • Process- and plant engineering, Kymtec Oy
  • Electric- automation- and instrumentation engineering, Teacon Oy

1995 Enso-Yhteispalvelut Oy, Anjalankoski

  • Power production
  • K2 boiler modificatios
  • Some mill engineering duties

2014 CHEMK Furnace, Russia

  • Waste heat boiler, calculation ja piping design