Protacon Descal Oy is a Finnish engineering company specializing in process, plant engineering, steel structure design, and strength calculation services. We are at our best in challenging and diverse assignments. We are very familiar with most geographical areas, including those of high winds and earthquakes. We have two offices one located in Mikkeli, and our main office located in Kouvola.

In the spring of 2013 two local engineering companies located in Kouvola decided to combine their wealth of expertise enabling them to become one of the major design companies, not just in Kouvola, but in Finland.

Protacon Descal Oy is now a very strong and competent company forging a very clear path into the future.

Our main expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Process & Plant Engineering
  • Steel and Concrete Structure Design
  • Strength Calculation Services

Over the years we have undertaken and completed many varied and diverse projects in a variety of different industries at home and in many countries around the world.

At present we employ over 40 highly skilled engineers working in our offices in Kouvola and Mikkeli. Quite a number of our highly skilled engineers have a huge depth of knowledge due to their long experience, while others are becoming the next generation here at Descal. Whatever their position within the company, all our engineers utilize the latest technologies.

Over the years Descal has participated in hundreds of projects worldwide, in many challenging geographical areas, not least those that have high winds and earthquakes.

Our client base includes many worldwide companies from a variety of very diverse industries. All our past clients have received the very best that Protacon Descal Oy had to offer in service, professionalism, competency, discretion and trustworthiness, whatever the task or challenge had been. We trust that these hallmark qualities will make us the outstanding company of choice for any future clients.