Our reference list is wide. In this archive section you can view some of our latest and most significant calculation projects.

2013 Talvivaara, Sotkamo, Finland

  • Lime storage, elutriation and sieving

2013 JTI-Yelets, Russia

  • Tobacco paper pulp crushing, beating and conveyor system design

2009-2011 Strength calculations for radiators, nozzle load analyses

2014 - 2015 TVI Cebu 2, Philippines

  • Steel structure calculation for boiler building in earthquake and typhoon area

  • Boiler structural engineering tasks, the boiler control system and frame beam structure for earthquake area

2014 Daegu, South-Korea

  • The boiler building steel structure of the third-party verifier

2011-2013 Samcheok, South-Korea

  • Strenght calculation and design of boiler guide system, buckstay system, buckstay joints to pressure parts, demanding air and flue gas ducts and hoppers for seismic area

2011 Lagisza, Poland

  • Strenght calculation and design of demanding air duct

2011 Kladno, Czech

  • Strenght calculation and design of buckstays, demanding air ducts and hoppers

2010 Polaniec, Poland

  • Strenght calculation and design of demanding air and flue gas ducts

2009 Novocherkasskaya GRES, Unit No 9,Russian

  • Silo, hopper and duct strenght calculation and design

2008-2009 Mejillones, Chile

  • Strenght calculation and and design for seismic area

2014 - 2015 Södra Cell Mönsterås

  • Pulp piping and supports, piping flexibility analysis, pipe special part and flange calculation, strength analysis of supports 

2010 Facture –project

  • Stress analyses

2009 Kalmar 641 –project, Sweden

  • Stress analyses for boiler pipes

2009 KauVo –project, Lappeenranta, Finland

  • Strength calculation for district heat pipes

2007 Övik, Sweden

  • Strength calculation

2006 Metso Paper Oy/Anhui Shanying, China

  • Implementation together with ÅF-CTS Oy
  • Mill engineering

2014 Loviisa 2

  • TF-cooling tower pipe stress analyses

2013 Loviisa NPP

  • Piping flexibility analysis, piping component and support dimensioning, calculation and project management

2011-2013 Valve calculation

2014 Neste Air International

  • Steel structure strength analysis, new level for existing structure

2014 Forchem

  • Strength calculation of reactor (ASME)

2013 - 2014 VKG Petroter 3

  • Project management of piping and steel structure engineering

2012 TankCell flotation machine development

  • Vibration and strength calculation of agitator bridge and tank
  • Anchor dimensioning tool development

2012 OKTOP

  • Reactors
  • Calculation tool developments concerning seismic design and weight evaluation

2012 Kennecot Utah Copper


2011 Peñoles-project, Mexico


2011-2012 Enechem Co. Ltd., South-Korea

  • Nickel Sulphate -project
  • Design criteria document compilation for autoclaves, flash tanks, mixers and accessories

2011-2012 Petropavlovsk Companies Gold Plants

  • Piping specification compilation for EN and ASME-standards

2012 Tornio ManGa LNG -project, Tornio, Finland

  • Pipebridge engineering and calculation

2012 Neste Jacobs Oy, Porvoo refinery, Finland

  • Maintenance platform design

2012 URSUS –project


2012 Neste Jacobs Oy, Haag -project, Porvoo refinery, Finland

  • Crude bio oil pilot MBO, steel structure design and calculation

2012 Neste Jacobs Oy, Haag -project, Porvoo refinery, Finland

  • Autoclave towerdesign and calculation

2011 Sunpaper, China

  • Piping calculation

2011 Montes del Plata -projekt, Uruguay

  • Fiberline piping calculation

2011 Recoil -project

  • Piping calculation

2011 Montes del Plata -project, Uruguay

  • Turbine piping calculation

2011 FNsteel, Koverhar, Finland

  • Conveyor steel frame / sheeting

2010-2011 Yara Suomi Oy, Siilinjärvi, Finland

  • Strength calculation of stacker and reclaimer

2008-2012 Tank calculation

2015 Sunila, Selix-project

  • Pipeline components strength calculation

2012 Narew PM5 -project, Poland

  • Steam line strength calculation

2008-2009 Sydvaranger AS Norge, Lysaker, Norway

  • Design and calculation of ship loader

2008-2009 Ostroleka, Poland

  • Pipe bridge 900m, Strength calculation and foundation load determination

2014 UPM-Kymi, Kymi700 -project

  • Piping flexibility analysis

2014 Shell Ormen Lange

  • Tank calculations and engineering management

2012 Landskrona KVV 2012 -project, Sweden


2011 Ringerike 4, Malmö, Sweden


2009 Snöflingan Hotel, Sweden

  • Steel structures

2007 Malmö, Westfalen -boiler, Sweden

  • Erection engineering

2008 Knaufinsulation, Ukraine

  • Tank design