Protacon Descal Oy delivers CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis and simulations. We also provide an unique Vibration Testing and measurement service around the world.

CFD analysis

CFD analysis and fluid flow simulation

Numerical Fluid Dynamics simulations and consultation is offered for the wide range industry applications such as:

  • pressure losses
  • flow separation and mixing
  • forces, Wind Actions for Structures (EN1991, ASCE 7-10)
  • gas dispersion modeling, particulate tracking
  • HSE studies and assesments
  • prototypes, structures, what-if-scenarios
  • explosion and venting strategies


Thermal Analysis with CFD

Heat Transfer related simulations including:

  • Telecommunications (5G) electronical components
  • Radio cabinets and enclosures
  • Inverters, motors, generators and drives
  • Power/Heat/Chemical/Energy/Pulp and Paper Industry related systems, heat exchangers, plant equipments, pipings
  • Demanding HVAC installations and spaces, gas component tracing studies


Vibration Testing and Service

Pipes, pumps, mixers, steel structures, etc. vibration analysis and measurement

  • Vibration Problem Root Cause Findings and Solving It
  • Find out the cause of Vibration related damages and planning the necessary actions

What is possible to measure:

  • Natural Frequencies and modes, modal masses, modal damping ratios and mode shapes of a test structure with hammer impact tests
  • Measurement and analysis of structure accelerations, oscillation rate and displacements
  • Evaluation of force generated by vibrations based on measurements (eg force applied to bearing housing)
  • Synchronized measurements (background vibration filtering)
  • Measurement of fluctuations in fluids and gases
  • Power Measurement

Data obtained from measurements can be combined at the time level and used together with computer generated FEM/CFD computation models for modeling vibration problems and solutions.